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4pixos announced Coronator Online Courses

4pixos announced Coronator Online Courses

Making photorealistic renders is the dream of many aspirants who want to mastering architecture visualization. And 4pixos studio are offering you more than that.

An entirely new learning experience with the core of practicing realism in archviz plus bringing emotions to the viewers. They have designed a coaching program and named it CORONATOR, which is a blend of lighting, materials and art direction.

Dexter Nguyen ( Nguyen Ba Dung ) is the founder of 4pixos studio which was established in 2012 for the purpose of beautifying the archviz industry and serving the archviz community with his experiences. He has a client base from New York, London, Sydney, Australia.. with numerous high-profile projects successfully finished.

Coronator Online Courses is designed to help every Archviz artist, both beginners and those who are working in this field to push their renderings to the next level.

This is the complete course that covers all important aspects to start your Archviz career.

The unique and practical approach of training by completing a personal project from start to finish make this course a workshop that help students learn and improve constantly under 4pixos’s training team feedback and guidance.

Each student will develop their own project based on a real life architecture project, not only reproduce real photos to train photorealism but also experiment with various compositions, lighting setups, different moods & tones to learn and explore Art Direction.

Possibilities are endless and students will learn how to bring out the best of Architecture through Archviz. Each course, different projects, different real life situations and how to handle them, 4pixos will be your companions in the journey of exploring your potential !
+ Coronator Online Course #15 : July 20th
+ Coronator Online Course #16 : August 20th
+ Coronator Onsite Course #02 : July 24th
+ Coronator Onsite Course #03 : September 24th

CORONATORcourse consists of 5 main parts:

1. Workflow with Corona Renderer + Forest Pack + Rail Clone + Pulze.
2. Composition.
3. Lighting.
4. Material creation.
5. Post production.

There are 2 versions of the course that students can choose : Online vs Onsite

The online course which last in 2 months includes 13 recorded sessions and 5 live sessions with coach – Dexter Nguyen :
– Recorded sessions are designed to show different topics in detail
– Live sessions are where all your queries will be solved by the coach directly and he will show you how to improve the quality of your renderings and develop the personal project that you choose to work in the course
– Course fees : $650

The onsite course is an intensive training that last in 10 days continuously with almost the same content of the online course ( with the latest updates in case of technology changes ) except all will happen directly in classroom in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. You will have chance to meet Dexter Nguyen in person and work with him during the course.
– Course fees : $1000

Discount : 4pixos offers a 10% discount for groups of 4 people or more.

Bonus : Student who completes the course will get Certification from 4pixos Training, 2 years certification from Corona Academy plus 10% discount on a yearly Corona FairSaaS license

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Check out the Student art work from previous training course:

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